The disciplinary board

The disciplinary board decides on disciplinary measures invoked against students who e.g. cheats on a test, violates rules or harassing others, i.e.,

- use prohibited aids or other methods to attempt to deceive during examinations or other forms of assessment of study performance

- disrupt or obstruct teaching, tests or other activities within the framework of courses and study programmes at the higher education institution

- disrupt activities in the library of the higher education institution or other separate establishments at the institution, or

- subject another student or member of the staff of the higher education institution to harassment associated with sexual orientation, ethnicity harassment or harassment associated with disability.

Composition and term of office

The disciplinary board consists of the president (chair), a legally qualified member who shall hold or have held tenure as a judge and a representative of the teaching staff. The students shall be entitled to representation by two members.

The legally qualified member and the member representing the teaching staff are appointed for a period of three years. The students are appointed for a period of one year.

Members of the board 2021–2023


Annika Östman Wernerson, president

Legally qualified member

Elisabeth Wass Löfstedt, senior judge

Deputy: Anna Lönnestav, senior judge

Representative of the teaching staff

Margareta Hultin

Deputy: Maria Wiklander

Student representative Medicinska föreningen

Norah Hashem

Deputy: Alma Larsdotter Zweygberg

Student representative Odontologiska föreningen

Mohammed Altoumaimi

Deputy: Juni Stigsdotter 


Märta Philp, legal counsel

Lisa Norberg, legal counsel

Anna Elm, legal counsel



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Märta Philp

Legal Counsel

Lisa Norberg

Legal Counsel
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