Subscribe to RSS-feeds

RSS is a way to present text links to web content. By saving a link to your browser or email program, you can get a news or blog feed there directly from

The RSS symbol come in various colours.

To subscribe to an RSS feed, you need an RSS reader. There are various apps for this and most email programs and browsers have built-in support for adding subscriptions to RSS-feeds.
At you can, for example, subscribe to news, operating info or blog posts. Look out for the RSS icon.

Add an RSS-feed to Outlook

  1. Copy the webb address for the feed
  2. Right click RSS-feeds (Outlook 2016) in Outlook
  3. Go to Add RSS-feed.
  4. In the dialogue box, past the address, click Add and then yes.

Add an RSS-feed to your browser

Google Chrome needs an add-on from the Crome Web Store

Microsoft support for Edge, Internet Explorer and Outlook

Mozilla Firefox might need a Firefox Add-on

Opera, Safari, and other browsers have built-in RSS applications, but not Internet Explorer 6 and older.

How to add a feed

Example of an RSS-feed; the president's blog