2022 Employee Survey

Your opinions matter! The employee survey allows you to share your experience of the working environment, commitment and organisation in your department and at KI as a whole.

How will the results be presented? 

At the beginning of May, when all surveys have closed, there will be an overall result for the whole KI. An overall result presentation is booked for the project team immediately after the surveys have closed. A week later, the results will be presented to the and President and management. Head of departments and administrative managers will receive a presentation of the overall results.

In addition to the presentations mentioned above, presentations of the results have been booked for the Equal Opportunities Unit, the Health and Safety Committee, the Liaison Unit, the HR Office and the HR Forum.

Each department has the possibility to book a presentation of the departmental results. The project manager for the employee survey will then go through the departmental results. It is optional whether the presentation is only given to management, managers or to all employees. 

In addition to the overall results, each manager presents the results to his or her team. All employees will receive feedback on the results. As regards the work on action plans and risk analyses, each department decides how this work is taken forward. Action plans are not collected centrally.

Anna Kilander

Development officer
Content reviewer: