A brief guideline for DEVREG course organization, evaluation and report.

The DEVREG programme delivers a professional, multidisciplinary, innovative, high-value course curriculum to integrate new medical knowledge and technological advances towards health. We run more than 10 one-week full-time courses per year.

The organization and implementation of DEVREG courses are outlined as follows:

1. Submission of course syllabi and course occasions

Course organizer(s) submits course syllabi and course occasions at the KI doctoral course site KIWAS

The timeframe and deadlines for course syllabi and course occasions are announced here by the Course and Programme Committee.

With regard to doctoral course setup, useful and detailed information for course organizers can be found here.

2. Application for DEVREG course funding

The course organizer submits an application for DEVREG course support using a DEVREG programme course funding application form, with the same deadline as for the course syllabus.

The steering committee of the DEVREG programme will evaluate and make the decision for the course occasion and support within two weeks after the deadline. The decisions will be sent to course organizers immediately.

3. Publication of course occasion and recruitment of course participants

Approved course occasions will be published in the KI course catalogue. The course organizers will receive a message from the Course and Programme Committee after students’ course application deadline. The organizers can then download the course report files (both in Word and Excel formats) from KIWAS.

4. Admission of the course participants

It is recommended that course organizers send the letter of admission to all course applicants within one week after the course application deadline, and allow 10 days for returning course reply form.

5. Practical issues for course organization

The DEVREG programme recommends our course organizers to provide course participants with course materials and/or handouts in electronic formats rather than as hard copies. The programme also recommendes our course organizers to send course schedule, e-handouts, and other course-related informatuon to all course participants around two weeks before the course starts. It is also advisable that our course organizers book lecture rooms as early as possible.

6. Course evaluation

It is compulsory for all KI doctoral courses to conduct course evaluations via the KI Evaluation Unit. Read about course evaluations of doctoral courses here.

7. Course report

Upon receiving the course evaluation report from the KI Evaluation Unit, the organizers should send in your course report files via the email to following persons:

The files should include:

  1. Course schedule
  2. List of course participants (name, affiliation, email)
  3. Ladok report/GK list
  4. Course evaluation report from the KI Evaluation Unit
  5. DevReg report form
  6. Written exam, if used
  7. Internal invoice for course support from the DEVREG programme


Karolina Kublickiene

Senior researcher
H9 Department of Clinical Science, Intervention and Technology
Erika Tanos