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A new Ladok-system at KI

Most of Sweden's universities currently use Ladok and all of these will change to the new Ladok-system. The new system is in operation here at Karolinska Institutet since November 2017.

Why did we need a new system?

The existing Ladok was built around in the 80’s and has since been expanded bit by bit. Therefore, the old system is a patchwork that is becoming more and more difficult and costly to maintain. The technique is old and the system is not sufficiently flexible for changes or integrations with other systems.

How is the new system developed?

The universities that are currently using Ladok owns the system through a consortium. Today, 38 Universities and the Swedish National Board of Student Aid (CSN) are members of the consortium. The consortium’s project developing the new system is called "project Ladok3" (also known as the main project).

Most universities have staff involved in the main project, which allows the system to be developed by both consultants and users.

Web based and self-explanatory

The new system is web based, has a modern navigation and interface; completely different from today’s system. The system is largely self-explanatory and focused on self-service.

The new Ladok gives uniform support for all levels of education at KI. The system provides an enhanced opportunity for planning and monitoring of students and courses.