About Grants Management Office

To ensure that the project report complies with EU rules, the project management of EU projects was centralized in 2016. Grants Management Office has since been responsible for financial project management and also for parts of the administrative work.

From the time a project reaches to GMO it goes through the following steps:

Start-up meeting

At the start of the project, your appointed GMO manager calls a start-up meeting. We invite responsible researchers, administrative managers and other staff who need to be present. For example, it may be purchasing and procurement coordinators. During the meeting, we will jointly review the project budget and the EU regulations you need to keep in mind in your particular project. 

Project follow-up

The financial manager conducts project follow-ups and informs about any additions needed. The project follow-up relates to direct costs.


When it is time for reporting, we go through all the costs and associated documentation. Costs that do not comply with European Commission regulations are not reported. Prior to reporting, it is important that all timesheets are submitted and all travel bills are processed.

Interim Payment

The interim payment is based on direct costs in most projects. In some cases, they are based on lump sums. The payment from EC is made to the coordinator who then distributes the money. The payment reaches the partner approximately 6 months after the periodic reporting.

Final report 

For the final reporting, it is important to include all costs to be reported. If more than EUR 325,000 in direct costs has been spent on the project, an audit of Ernst & Young needs to be done. That coordination is handled by your financial manager at GMO, but it is important that the responsible researcher are avalible during the audit to answer any questions.

Final payment

After the last payment, we see the project as completed and closed. The manager at the GMO then sends all the documentation to the department for archiving. The documentation should be stored in H2020 for up to 5 years after project completion.

Agreement between the GMO and the Institutions

There is an agreement that describes what the GMO and the institutions are responsible for when it comes to managing EU projects. Read more about the division of tasks between GMO and the institutions here (in swedish).