About joint doctoral education programme in medical technology

Karolinska Institutet (KI) and the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) are engaged in a joint PhD programme in medical technology through which doctoral students are admitted onto a combined programme at both universities leading to a joint degree.

Rules and routines for doctoral students within this collaboration

For students

Available doctoral projects at KI and KTH are advertised on each university’s website. This also applies to projects included in this joint programme.

It is not mandatory to advertise doctoral projects if they are performed within an employment at a third party (for example Region Stockholm). A person that are given the opportunity to start a doctoral education within those circumstances can file a project description him-/herself together with the supervisors in accordance with the procedure given below.

Please note that the purpose of this programme is that the student and the project should belong to both universities equally. The target group is therefore new doctoral student, not those already registered at KI or KTH. 

Temporary rules until 1 June 2021 regarding transfer to the joint doctoral programme 

It has not been possible to initiate PhD projects in the joint KI-KTH doctoral program in medical technology for some time since there has not been an active agreement. Fitting PhD projects have instead been handled within the framework of conventional doctoral education at either KI or KTH. Since there now is an active agreement the possibility exists, for a limited time, to transfer doctoral students from doctoral education at either KI or KTH to the joint program. The last date to send in the necessary documentation to the steering group is 1st of June 2021.

The requirements are that the doctoral student has not passed half of the total expected study time, and that admission was no later than November 15th. All other usual requirements still apply, among others that the project fits the joint program and that there are supervisors at both universities. 

The first step is to fill in and submit “Form, steering group approval”. In addition to the ordinary attachments, attach a Ladok excerpt and the last individual study plan. 

After the approval from the steering group, the normal admission process has to been followed (see Rules and routines): A doctoral position must be established at the new university and a new admission must be decided on. However, there are no need for advertising the doctoral position. 

Note that the previous doctoral education will be terminated in conjunction with the new joint admission. However, most of what has been achieved can be credited to the new doctoral education.      

For supervisors

Researchers interested in recruiting a doctoral student under the joint programme scheme may submit a project description to the steering committee, see below.

Please note that the steering group only look at the project and whether it fits within the programme. After that a decision has to be made by both universities regarding if a doctoral student should be admitted and regarding the suitability of the supervisors.

Please read the: Rules and routines before handing in the application.

Assessment procedures for the joint programme

1. When a suitable doctoral project appears in the medical technology field, the prospective supervisor is to fill in this form and have it sent it to the steering committee for assessment:

The completed form is to be scanned and mailed to: Fredrik Häggström

2. The steering committee judges whether a project is suitable for the joint programme in medical technology. The decision is then sent to the principal supervisor.

3.  A doctoral positions is established by a joint decision of KI and KTH where after advertisement, selection and admission take place, see Rules and routines for the joint programme


Fredrik Häggström

Administrative officer, School of Engineering Sciences in Chemistry, Biotechnology and Health, KTH