About Teacher Day 29th September 2021

Welcome to a day dedicated to innovative assessment! Teacher Day is aimed at those of you who are involved in the design, development and delivery of education. The day is intended to inspire you through the exchange of knowledge and experience on the topic of innovative assessment! 

Teacher Day 2021

29th September 2021, from 9h 00 to 15h 30. 

Teacher Day will be held online via Zoom.

Registration is closed.

In our glocalised classrooms, where we think globally and teach locally, there is a demand being put on higher education teachers and supervisors to equip their graduates with the necessary knowledge, skills and attitudes to fulfil the promises of the United Nation’s Agenda 2030 and its 17 Sustainable development Goals.

The uptake of digital technology to innovate our teaching and learning is increasing; as is research and literature focusing on new sets of skills for glocalised competencies; but what is happening with assessment in higher education?

Innovative assessment

Students working together.
Students and teacher working together. Photo: GettyImages.

The definition of innovative assessment varies according to the scope and the context of its implementation.

At a basic level, it refers to assessment methods and techniques that are original and novel to a specific context, while it can also be considered as any form of assessment that attempts to enhance students' learning through different approaches and address learners' needs in a more efficient way. It can also include a variety of practices that respond to learners' diverse expectations.

Yet, these changes do not mean they have not been applied in the past, but rather fit better to the circumstances of the evolving learning context.  


On Teacher Day, you will be able to take part in inspiring sessions, short presentations and hands-on workshops. You will interact with your peers, as well as with educational developers from the Unit for Teaching and Learning (UoL).  

The program for Teacher Day 2021



If you have any questions regarding Teacher Day, please email us directly!