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About your employment at LIME

Information and answers for frequently asked questions regarding your employment at LIME. For other questions, you are more than welcome to contact us at HR. Find contact details at the bottom of this page.

Health promotion reimbursement

All employees and doctoral students at KI, who works at least 20 %, are offered a health promotion reimbursement for 1500 SEK per year.

To receive the health promotion reimbursement, you have to register your expense in the PA-web as 'preventive health care'.

Send or leave the completed form signed by your manager, to HR by 30 November of the current year.

About wellness allowance and step-by-step-instructions for registering the expense (pdf).

Wellness hour

Employees at KI are entitled to one hour per week (within regular working hours) of health promoting activities.

More information can be found at KI Health Promotion.


All applications for leave, such as vacation or care of a sick child (VAB) should be made in the PA-web. The application is granted or denied in the PA-web by your manager.


In the PA-web (Primula) you can find all information relating to your employment at KI, such as wage statement and vacation days status.

  • register your competence and education
  • report secondary occupation
  • apply for vacation and leave, including parental leave
  • register that you have returned to work after sick leave
  • change your personal information, for example, change address if you move
  • register expenses, for example preventive healthcare and travel expenses
  • change your personal settings
  • can follow your registered errands

Parental leave

All applications for parental leave should be made in the PA-web. All employees at KI are entitled to parental benefits in accordance to “Försäkringskassans” terms and benefit levels, as well as parental leave pay paid by KI.

About parental leave for staff at KI.

Parental leave for employees with ‘standard vacation’ at LIME

If you have a standard vacation (employees holding a PhD and doctoral students), you need to inform us at HR how you are planning your parental leave, so that we can reschedule your planned standard vacation in accordance to your wishes.

Please remember that all cases needs to be assessed individually, therefore you should always contact HR to receive more information about what applies to your parental leave.

Income requests from Försäkringskassan

The central salary department will help you with all income requests from the Swedish Social Insurance Agency ("Försäkringskassan").

When you are going on parental leave, "Försäkringskassan" will send you an income request. Please inform Anna Sangert, salary officer,, and she will report your information to the agency.

Reimbursement for medical treatment and drugs

The maximum reimbursement for the cost of medical treatment is SEK 95 per treatment session. The cost of prescription only medicines covered by the high-cost protection (“högkostnadsskydd”) are reimbursed in full.

The receipt should specify patient charge or fee.

Please attach the original receipts alongside onto a blank paper, where you also write your name and personal identity number. Leave the paper with the attached receipts in our mailbox on the third floor at the Widerström building.

The amount reimbursed is taxable and is paid on the next salary date.

About reimbursement for medical treatment and drugs for staff at KI.

Salary payment

Salary payments are made on the 25th of each month.

If you have a Swedish bank account

Karolinska Institutet has Swedbank as its payment services provider. In order for your salary payment to be made to the right account, you need to electronically register your account number with Swedbank.

How to register your account number at Swedbank.

Please note that if you change from a coordination number to a social security number, you must notify your bank and HR at the department, so that your salary will be transferred to the correct account.

If you have a foreign bank account

If you have a foreign bank account, send the following bank details to

  • BIC / NatId
  • IBAN / International account number
  • Name of the bank
  • Bank Adress

Wage statement

Wage statements are not sent to you by mail. Instead, you can find and print your wage statements at the PA-web.

A-Tax form

An A-tax form must be sent to HR at the start of your employment. If you do not submit an A-Tax form before the first salary payout, penalty tax á 10 % will be deducted from your salary.

Keep in mind that if you move and change municipality, you need to submit a new tax form to HR.

Find the A-Tax form at the Swedish tax agency

About salary for staff at KI.

Sick leave/If you get ill

Report your sick leave by sending an email with your name, social security number and the date and time you fell ill. Send to email to and CC your manager. HR will register your sick leave in the PA-web.

Sick leave longer than 7 calendar days

In case of illness that lasts longer than 7 calendar days, a medical certificate must be sent to HR.

To ‘Försäkringskassan’ you need to send a medical certificate after 14 calendar days of illness. The employer reports the 1st day of sickness to the Social Security Fund as of sick day 15.

Report your return to work in the PA-web

When you are back at work, register the date you return to work in the PA-web. If you do not report your return to work, you will continue to be registered as on sick leave in the system and it will affect your salary.


Vacations days are earned the current year. The number of vacation days is determined by your age. Send in your vacation application via the PA-web. Your immediate manager will grant or deny your application in the system.

Find your number of vacation days under “Vacation application” when you are logged into the PA-web.

Standard vacation at LIME

Standard vacation means that the whole year's vacation is considered taken out during the current year. The vacation days are usually entered into the salary system through a period in the summer and a period in December, in other words the holiday bonus is paid twice a year.

Therefore, you cannot apply for vacation in PA-webben. If you have standard vacation and want to save days, all year's vacation must be planned together with your manager.

If you have standard vacation and want to save days, all year's vacation must be planned together with your manager.

At the latest by 31 March, HR needs to be informed of how many days you want to save, otherwise the vacation is considered taken out.

About vacation for staff at KI.

Contact HR

Find ,ore information regarding your employment at KI.

You are also more than welcome to contact us at HR, with your any of questions.



Visiting address:

GPH and LIME joint administration unit, Widerström building, floor 3 (Elevator 1, left)
Tomtebodavägen 18A, Campus Solna


There is a mailbox/pigeonhole on floor 3 in the Widerström building.