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Account and login to Drupal

Here is what you need to know to get an account in Drupal and how to log in.

Editors - account and login

Anyone with a KI ID can log in to Drupal. This will create an account with the right to edit your own profile page. The web team can then assign additional rights to the account if you were an editor in Drupal 7 or have completed the course in Drupal 8 and will edit content at does not happen automatically, so the web team must be notified if you are not in the process of completing the course. 

Log in by clicking the links below. For the first time, click on ALL the links.

Once you have logged in the web team can give you editorial rights. Email and inform us about where you are going to publish (institution, or other subdomain) and we will assign the needed access.

Once you have access you can click any of the links above to access everything you can edit at You switch between the domains and the various tools for creating lists by going to "Workbench".

Employee or affiliate - log in to profile page

Employees or affiliates can log in and edit your profile page by logging in to with your regular KI-ID.

Information on profile page and how to edit them

Open work spaces for editors

Bring your lap top and come to a workshop. Do your work and the web team is there to answer questions and help.