Action plan for the internationalisation of first and second-cycle education

The Action Plan for Internationalisation 2014-2018*, approved by the Board of Higher Education, is the steering document for the study programmes and departments at KI and derives from KI’s general internationalisation strategy (ref: 7332/2011-600).

The general objectives for internationalisation

After completion of their studies, all students at Karolinska Institutet are to be well prepared for working in a global labour market subject to varying economic and social conditions, and for working in culturally diverse environments. KI is to be an attractive study destination for international students.

In order to attain the general objective for KI’s internationalisation, the Board of Higher Education will be giving priority to four goals and their related activities for the period 2014-2018*. The operational plans concerning internationalisation of the Board of Higher Education and the programme committees should be based on these goals.

  • Goal 1. Integration of Global health issues into teaching
  • Goal 2. Learning in English. Please Note: the timeframe for goal 2 has been prolonged until 2017
  • Goal 3. Increasing student and teacher mobility
  • Goal 4. Recruting international students to KI’s - courses taught in English

* The Board of Higher Education decided to prolong the Action plan to also include 2018, Minutes 2016:11, Meeting 2016-12-15.

Contact: Emma Hägg