Administration of examination of students with disabilities

If the student has a recommendation to sit in an individual room during the examination, the following applies:

  • The department engages examination vigilance for the student / students if there is a need for this.
  • The department books extra premises if needed.
  • The compensation for vigilance is SEK 160 / hour (excl. Holiday pay).
  • The budget for support for students with functional variation pays for the remuneration for vigilance and extra premises.
  • The department fills in a compensation form, see examples, and signs as an approver. Upon approval, the department certifies that it is a student who has a certificate / decision with a recommendation to be examined individually. The form must state at which examination vigilance has been used. The form must be emailed to no later than the 5th of next month.

Computer at the examination

The department borrows a computer with specified functions from KI's library, KIB.

Examination hall "Space"

Now the examination hall Space is available for students with disabilities. For more information about the central exam service project, contact

Viktoria Hansson

Coordinator for students with functional variations