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Admission of PhD students at Neuro

On this page you can find information about doctoral studies at the Department of Neuroscience.

The general rules for admission of doctoral students at Karolinska Institutet can be found on the staff portal as well as information about all required forms and documents.

Green light

The purpose with green light is to assure that all doctoral students at KI have the opportunities and resources needed for a high quality doctoral education. The decision is taken by the Head of Department together with the Director of Doctoral Education and the Head of Administration.

The Department of Neuroscience adheres to the general rules at KI.

The green light application form should be submitted, in original, to educational administrator Eva Noréns (Biomedicum, A3).

Make sure to hand in the form on time - it will take about one week to obtain green light.

Establishment of a Doctoral Position

Apply by submitting the form Establishment of doctoral position to educational administrator Eva Noréns (Biomedicum, A3).

The following documents should be attached:

  • Approved Green light
  • Research plan (about 5 pages)
  • Ethical permit (if required)
  • CV of supervisors
  • Brief description of research environment

The decision is taken by the Chair of the department after approval by the Director of studies. (If needed, the research plan will be sent for review).


Doctoral positions must be advertised via the Varbi system. The eligibility of all applicants will be assessed by the university administration officers.


The main supervisor makes a short-list of 1-3 eligible applicants and sets up a time for interview (in person or via Skype) with the following participants:

  • The main supervisor
  • One additional PI (may be a co-supervisor)
  • The Director of studies
  • HR administrator (optional)

The main supervisor makes the selection with input from the rest of the recruitment group.

Decision about admission

The decision about admission will be taken by the Head of Department on recommendation of the Director of studies.

Individual study plan (ISP)

The student and supervisor are to submit a proposed ISP within a month of the commencement of studies. It must be approved and adopted within three months. An electronic ISP system will be launched in 2020.

The ISP seminar

The ISP seminar is to be given within 3 months. Its purpose is to serve as an introductory seminar and welcome of the new student with an opportunity to present the research project and obtain feedback.

Contact Eva Noréns to find a suitable time.

Routines for the half-time control

The student and supervisor take the initiative to arrange the half-time control, and suggest the three members of the committee that will conduct the examination of the student (see also information on half-time control).

A proposal with the names of the suggested committee members, together with the latest print-out from LADOK, need to be sent to Eva Norens for subsequent approval by the Director of studies Doctoral Education.

The research seminar presented by the student at the half-time control is a public event which needs to be announced in the KI and Neuroscience calendars (by e-mail to at at least two weeks in advance).

It is advised to also announce the half-time control through the Department's staff list:

After the half-time control, the original of the form, completed with all the signatures, needs to be sent to Eva Noréns.

Practical information before dissertation

We are trying to avoided having more than one PhD student defend their thesis on the same date to enable everyone at the department to attend the thesis defense. Remember to book a preliminary dissertation date in due time by contacting Eva Noréns.

Booking the lecture hall

Please contact Eva Noréns for bookings. The booking system is closed for a long period during each term and only course administrators have access to make preliminary reservations.


If you have questions regarding Edcuation at Neuro, you can contact

Lennart Brodin

Professor, Director of Doctoral Studies & Vice Head of Department

Eva Noréns

Administrator of Doctoral Studies