If you need to purchase a service or product, please use Karolinska Institutet’s own frame agreements primarily. In case KI doesn’t have any frame agreements that suit your needs you can also use the Public Frame Agreements.

KI’s frame agreements are listed in KI’s frame agreement catalogue.

Public framework agreements

The State framework agreements can be found at

How can I use the State framework agreements?

How to use the State framework agreements depends on the type of agreement and if it is a competitive agreement or a ranked agreement.

Competitive agreements

For competitive agreements you have to send an invitation to tender in accordance with the state agreements terms. An invitation to tender is a written request to the state agreement’s contractors to leave a tender. The process step-by-step:

  • Contact all suppliers accepted by the frame agreement. The list of contractors can be found at Please include the latest date for the contractors to answer.
  • After the chosen date you have to evaluate the tenders. The tenders are the different suppliers' answers.
  • Evaluate the answers based on the qualification criteria you have set up in your invitation to tender in accordance with the frame agreement’s ones.
  • You are then ready to make a contract award decision, which means that you contact the supplier that best matches your qualification criteria. You even need to let the other supplier know which contractor you have chosen and why.

Ranked frame agreement

If you want to award a contract based on a ranked framework agreement, you need to first contact the contractor placed number one in the ranking. If the number one contractor cannot deliver according to the frame agreement, you need to contact the next contractor in the ranking (number 2), and so on.

In a ranked frame agreement you can award the contract directly. Based on LOU you don’t have to inform the other contractors that you are awarding a contract (as in opposition to a competitive frame agreement).

Which frame agreements shall I use first?

Primarily you are supposed to use KI’s own frame agreements. The main aim with the KI frame agreements is that it covers the needs that usually don't exist in the public frame agreements. Therefore KI’s has own frame agreements as our needs can differ to other authorities.

Ongoing procurements

Karolinska Institutet's ongoing procurements in Visma TendSign

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