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Arrange conferences and host events

Every year, KI hosts a large number of conferences and other events. These meetings are important for our communication and for our brand. Please contact Academic Conferences for professional support in all planning and execution, no matter the site of the meeting.

Academic Conferences is an in-house PCO (Professional Congress Organizer) and a cooperation organization for Karolinska Institutet, the Swedish university of agricultural sciences and Uppsala university.

Academic Conferences is a member of ICCA (International Congress and Convention Association) and MPI (Meeting Professionals International).

Request for support

Academic Conferences

Phone: +46-(0)8-524 833 00
Visiting address: Karolinska Institutet Biomedicum Solnavägen 9 171 65 Solna

Conference guide

Hosting conferences and events is important for KI as a leading international medical university. World’s leading scientists and researchers meet here and several of our own employees and students can participate. Hosting meetings can also contribute to strengthening the internal KI-spirit. As a host and conference general, you will have a great responsibility and numerous tasks to solve.

In order to help you with all this, KI has a professional support organization, Academic Conferences. It is a part of the communications and public relations office and responsible for strategic conference issues and offers comprehensive PCO-services (professional congress organizer). You can contact and use Academic Conferences’ services in all planning and execution of meetings and events, without any need of procurement process.

Advice and tips from Academic Conferences

As a checklist before contacting us, or if you would decide to organize the event by yourself, we have gathered some advice and tips on matters to consider and decide about. In order to get the best support and guidance, please contact us early in your planning process.

BID to host a meeting

Do you need to apply for hosting a scientific meeting and compete with other scientists, universities or destinations? This is often the case within associations with rotation of hosting. We offer free-of-charge support throughout the application process and produce a competitive bid with KI behind your application. Please note, that in order to get an invitation letter from the president of KI, you will need to follow the process provided by Academic Conferences.

Set goals for your meeting

Put words on what you wish to achieve by the conference/event.

  • Do you wish to start new networks or create new cooperation?
  • Do you want to measure results and use them later on? In what way?
  • Should the meeting be evaluated in order to plan the next one, or for any other purpose?

Target groups

  • Do you wish to address national or international audience, or both? Which countries would be represented?
  • Researchers, post-docs, politicians, industry, other categories? May/should students participate – free-of charge or not?
  • Expected number of delegates? Would there be any spouses/accompanying persons who would expect a separate program?
  • VIP to invite?


Who will be the host? Will the meeting co-hosted by several organizations? Who will invite? Consider the correct graphic design and the use of KI logo.

Let us help you with this and take care of all production of communications materials, from websites to printed matters. We also offer apps, in order to reduce printing costs and for the sake of the environment.


If you are planning the event in cooperation with other organizations, you need to discuss and decide:

  • The roles (host, co-host, partner, sponsor…) and the decision process.
  • Responsibilities (program, scientific content and context, financing, sharing of risks or revenue…)

Do not forget to inform the head of your department.

Organisation and project team

How much time, staff and effort can you and your department spend on planning and executing the event? Who will be in charge and make all the decisions?

You might need a scientific committee for handling the content/program and a local organizing committee (or just one person) to lead the project.

Academic Conferences offer professional project managers, coordinators, financial administrators and more to relieve you from most of the tasks and will be happy to lead the process ahead keeping deadlines and budget limits.

Date and time

What would be the optimal time of year/month/week for your conference considering speakers, organizers and target groups? Check out if dates and themes compete with other events for the same target audience. Consider major flight arrivals and departures for the first and last day of the meeting when planning the program.

The date you choose might also reflect on prices and fees, such as accommodation and venue costs.

We can assist you in checking out availability, capacity and prices and in managing negotiation with suppliers.

Format and agenda

What would be the best format for your conference in order to achieve the goals you set? How can you engage delegates for interaction? How can you optimize time allocated for the meeting days? Consider a mix of plenary sessions, workshops, excursions, poster sessions, exhibition tours, networking lunches, one-to-one meetings, student sessions…Choose a venue that will meet your needs and technical requirements.

Make a draft agenda and see if all sessions are doable, considering even time for breaks and moving between sessions and locations. Plan for social activities, such as reception, dinner, entertainment.

We will be happy to assist you with guidance and tips on alternatives.


How would you finance the meeting?

  1. With delegate fees. What would be a reasonable level of fees considering the target groups? If the conference is one in a series, check out the fee for the latest meeting. Which methods of payment should you offer? Do not forget VAT, 25 %, with exception of payments between two public authorities (no VAT/moms apply).
  2. With financial support from the department.
  3. Contributions from sponsors, donors, fees from exhibitors. Make a list of potential sponsors and exhibitors to contact.
  4. A combination of several options above.

It is vital to calculate a sustainable budget and consider all laws and regulations. Academic Conferences can help you with your financial plan and budget and offer start-up financing of the project. We have an online system for administration of delegates and payments and can relieve you from all financial administration, both income and costs, of the event. We handle invoices, credit-card payments and bank transfers, both Swedish and international ones.

Sponsorship and compliance

When applying sponsorship from medical/pharmaceutical companies, some ethical regulations must be followed. Find more information about the ethical regulations (only available in Swedish) or contact us for guidance, applications and administration.

Communication and marketing

In order to attract delegates, it is important to take early actions and prepare an interesting presentation of the meeting. If possible, find out if there are any other events that would compete of your target group’s interest at the same time.

Create a communication plan and choose media considering the expectations of the target groups and your budget. Consider using social media as complement. Check deadlines and cancellation policy for bookings to avoid unpleasant surprises and unnecessary costs.

Do not forget to inform your own department, university management and co-operation partners.

Consider inviting representatives of the media. Follow media correspondence on your theme during the planning process, and be prepared to handle any issues or answer questions.

Find more information about communication as well as a template for your communication plan.

Academic Conferences can also assist you.

Sustainability and security

As one of world’s leading medical universities, KI has an important role to play in contributing to Agenda 2030 and the 17 global goals set by the UN. Organizing sustainable meetings and events is one way to act sustainably and to contribute to these goals.

Academic Conferences can help you make meetings and events more sustainable. Instead of printed matters, we can offer conference apps, digital posters, print-on-demand badges and more.


Aula Medica is a modern and exiting venue for many kinds of conferences and events. Biomedicum also offers options for meetings and parallel sessions. The new Karolinska Meeting facilities at Karolinska University Hospital might also be available and make it possible to host more and larger meetings. However, there is limited access to meeting rooms at our campus areas during semesters.

Conferences with a large number of delegates and need of access to several parallel meeting rooms, need to be planned and booked a long time ahead. That applies even to booking of hotel rooms.

To book conference facilities outside of KI you need to use frame agreements or make a procurement. Please find the current frame agreements.

Academic Conferences will be happy to find and assist you in booking of suitable facilities for your meeting, both within the university campuses and outside. You will not need to wonder about procurement or not, we will do that for you.

Delegate administration

How would you organize delegate administration and communicate with them? What service should you offer your delegates? How about administration of delegate fees? The invitation and registration process will give the first impression of the meeting.

It will be necessary to have a secretariat to handle registrations, payments and questions from delegates, speakers and exhibitors during the planning process, but also on-site when running the conference.

In our on-line system, we can build a registration form, handle all bookings and cancellations, choice of parallel activities and events, confirm, send invoices and communicate with your delegates. You can get an access of your own in the system to be able to follow the state of registrations in real time, if you wish. We also offer professional on-site services, staff and technical solutions.

Abstracts and proceedings

Administration of abstracts will require resources. Estimate the number of expected abstracts and plan for the handling process: submission, reviewing, scoring, publication.

Academic Conferences provide a user-friendly Internet-based tool for administration of the whole process.