Arranging activities within the doctoral programme in health care science

Are you interested in applying for funds to help finance a learning activity at doctoral level within the doctoral programme in health care science?

Arranging activities

Seminars give the possibility of advanced subject studies within specific topics. PUF-V encourages doctoral students to initiate seminar series and can contribute with administrative advice and financial support, for example to cover the participation of senior researchers and postdocs as seminar leaders.

Seminar series partly funded by the programme cannot target PhD students of one specific KI department only, but should give an added value to students at several departments and preferably also interdisciplinary.

It is also possible to apply for partly funding of workshops, open lectures and academic debates.

If you are interested in arranging an activity within PUF-V, please fill in the form available under Documents and send it to  

Your application will be discussed at the next coming meeting with the steering group.

Arranging workshops or seminars related to the learning outcomes of doctoral education

During 2020 the Course and Programme Committee welcomes applications for funding regarding learning activities related to the learning outcomes of doctoral education. These can be arranged as workshops or seminars and need to be on a useful theme for many doctoral students and postdocs, that isn’t covered by our regular doctoral courses or programme activities. The purpose of the activities should be related to the learning outcomes of doctoral education, especially the ones that concern research integrity and interaction with society (number 6, 8, 9 and 10). It could for example be on a theme related to philosophy of science and medicine, ethics, artificial intelligence or visualisation techniques.