Assignment as academic coordinator for KI's collaborations with the United Kingdom

Are you interested in contributing to the development of KI’s central/overarching collaboration with higher education institutions in the United Kingdom (UK)?

Internationalisation is of great and increasing importance for Karolinska Institutet's research and education. In Strategy 2030, one of three strategic aims is that KI should be a global university. To further strengthen international strategic work, the Internationalisation Advisory Council is now seeking a part-time academic coordinator for the United Kingdom.

Your role

Academic coordinators are linked to KI’s broader international collaborations that usually include several different collaborative activities.

The purpose of the academic coordinators is to have a designated representative with academic competence and with good knowledge of the relevant partner institutions that can handle some of the tasks and to serve as a primary point of contact. The academic coordinators work in close collaboration with both the management and with the international office.

KI currently has several research collaborations with British universities. KI has prioritised some higher education institutions in the UK for in-depth collaboration, currently including:

  • University College London (UCL): Since 2020, KI has been collaborating with KTH and SU with UCL within the framework of the ‘UCL Cities Partnership Programme’.
  • King’s College London: Dialogue on in-depth collaboration in areas such as cancer research, student and doctoral exchanges.
  • University of Edinburgh: For several years, KI has been a partner in doctoral exchange programs with the University of Edinburgh.
  •  Imperial College London: Several different discussions are underway with Imperial College London about collaboration, including with the newly established Institute of Infection, and a doctoral exchange agreement.

As KI's collaboration portfolio develops over time, which higher education institutions are prioritised for in-depth collaboration can change.

Your profile

We are looking for a person who:

  • Has a doctorate
  • Has employment as a teacher or researcher at KI for at least one year ahead.

Documented collaboration in the UK is a merit.

Great emphasis will be placed on personal suitability. Good communication skills are important for the assignment. An overall assessment of the applicants' merits will be made.

The coordinators responsibilities

The coordinators responsibilities include:

  • to promote KI's collaborations at priority universities and other organisations in the relevant region
  • activities that are part of KI's collaborations (can be education, research, postgraduate education, innovation).
  • to identify synergies between ongoing collaborative activities and to communicate with KI employees who are actively collaborating in the region
  • contribute to implementing the collaborations within KI
  • participate in relevant tasks that require academic competence and are related to collaborations in the relevant region
  • contribute to the recruitment of students from the current region to KI's educational program and to KI's education at doctoral level

Scope of the assignment

The assignment comprises 10%. Travel to the UK may be necessary. The assignment is valid until 2022-12-31 with the possibility of extension with an earliest start in May.

The academic coordinator reports to the chairperson of the Internationalisation Advisory Council. As coordinator you will interact with both academic representatives and with staff at the university administration, especially those in the international office.


Submit a letter of interest no later than 21st of March 2022 in the form of a personal letter with motivation for why you are suitable for the assignment, together with a CV, with registration number 1-154 / 2022 to

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Robert Harris

Chair Internationalisation Advisory Council

Lotta Lundqvist

International coordinator for KI's collaborations in the United Kingdom (UK)
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