Assistant professor (Biträdande lektor)

Assistant professor (in Swedish Biträdande lektor) is the title of a fixed-term career development position that was introduced in 2018 instead of the previous title Forskarassistent.

The purpose of the employment is to give young scientists an opportunity during the employment period to develop their competence in research and teaching before they apply for a promotion to Senior Lecturer. The duration of employment as Assistant Professor can vary from a minimum of four years to a maximum of six, which should be decided by the university prior to the employment. The employment period can be prolonged up to two years due to parental leave or illness.

Eligibility requirement

To qualify for a position as Assistant Professor a candidate must have graduated with a PhD no more than five years before the application deadline. Those who have graduated earlier or have attained equivalent scientific competence can be considered if special grounds exist. Special grounds refer to illness, parental leave or similar circumstances. For individual announcements, further requirements and assessment criteria may apply.