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Book internal meeting rooms at GPH and LIME

Book our internal meeting rooms in the Widerström building via Outlook. On this page you can find instructions as well as an overview of our internal bookable meeting rooms at floor 3 and 4 in the building.

The room list of all our internal meeting rooms in Outlook is called "GPH and LIME Meeting rooms". 

How to book a room in Outlook

You can book internal meeting rooms in Outlook from a PC or a Mac. If you do not use Outlook as your mail client, you can access your webmail and do the booking from there. 

Please note that the meeting subject that you add to your Outlook booking will be visible on the digital screen outside the meeting room. Therefore, try write any meetings subjects as descriptive and clear as possible. 

Find instructions for how to book internal meeting rooms in Outlook.

Bookable internal meeting rooms in Widerströmska

    List of our bookable internal meeting rooms as well as capacity and equipment.
    GPH Africa (3151) 3 6 Monitor, whiteboard (small) GPH
    GPH Asia (3152) 3 6 Monitor GPH
    GPH Rosling (3170) 3 16 Monitor, whiteboard GPH
    GPH Equity (3342) 3 20 Projector, whiteboard GPH
    GPH SDG (3364) 3 10 Monitor, whiteboard GPH
    GPH Epi (3391) 3 8 Monitor, whiteboard GPH
    LIME Myrstacken/Ant hill (4151) 4 6 Monitor, whiteboard (small) LIME
    LIME Bikupan/Bee hive (4152) 4 6 Monitor, whiteboard LIME
    LIME Utsikten/The view (4170) 4 16 Monitor, whiteboard LIME
    LIME Insikten/Insight (4231) 4 20-25 Projector, whiteboard LIME
    LIME Duncan (4344) 4 15 Projector, whiteboard LIME
    LIME Connect (4348) 4 4 Monitor, whiteboard LIME
    LIME Reflect (4364) 4 10 Monitor, whiteboard LIME
    LIME David (1303)* 1 50 (lecture hall) Projector, whiteboard LIME

    Overview meeting rooms Widerström building floors 3 and 4

    Meeting rooms for 4-5 persons on floor 4, bookable via paper calendars

    There are three meeting rooms for 4-5 persons on floor 4, rooms #4183; #4195 and #4196, located in the part of the building adjacent to Solnavägen. These rooms are not included in the meeting rooms list in Outlook and can therefore only be booked manually on the paper calendars placed outside each room.

    * David

    Please note that the education administrators at LIME have priority to book the lecture room David for their courses. They meet once a semester in order to distribute the room evenly among their courses, which means that David will be available for booking each upcoming semester after 1 May and 1 November.

    Digital screens for meeting rooms (Evoko)

    Digital screens are located outside each bookable meeting room. The screens are connected to Outlook.

    How to use the digital screens 

    The digital screens have three status LED colours:

    • Green – the room is free for more than 10 minutes
    • Amber – a meeting is about to start in less than 10 minutes
    • Red – the room is busy

    Use the digital screen outside the room to:

    • Book a spontaneous meeting
    • See the room’s scheduled meetings – The screen shows upcoming meetings. Via the calendar-icon you can access an overview of the room’s schedule.


    To report any issues with the digital screens on floor 3 and 4 that are installed, please contact  

    Rules - for when you use our meeting rooms


    • If possible, just book as large a room as needed for the meeting. To check room capacity, search the room in Outlook via the address book ("All rooms").
    • Remember to cancel the booking if there is a change of plan and you no longer need the room.
    • Make sure external meeting participants can access the floor and find their way to the room.
    • Inform external meeting participants on where to find the nearest emergency exits and WC.
    • Make sure to leave the room clean and tidy for the next user (clear from coffee/tea, clean the whiteboard, etc.).

    In addition, when meeting rooms are used for teaching, the course leader is responsible for providing information and ensuring compliance with the following rules

    • The course leader refers to the coffee machine at floor 2 or to nearby café. The course participants do not have access to the coffee machines on floors 3-4.
    • The course leader refers to the kitchen on floor 2. The course participants do not have access to kitchens on floors 3-4.
    • The course leader informs participants about not taking phone calls in the corridors just outside office rooms, to avoid disturbing employees.
    • If there is a need to divide the group into smaller groups, the course leader shall book additional smaller rooms for this purpose. Common areas of recreation on floors 3-4 cannot be used for this purpose.