Renovation of lifts at ANA10

During Spring, the lifts at Alfred Nobels allé 10 (ANA10) will be renovated. One of the lifts will work throughout the change, but for one day no lift will work.

The renovation will take place between 6th of May and 20th of September.

The aim is for one of the lifts to work during the entire lift replacement, but in practice there will be one day when both lifts are at a standstill. That day occurs about 4-5 weeks into the project.

Akademiska Hus is currently working on a detailed timetable. This page will be updated when more information is available. 


Please contact Monika Armuand, Teaching and Learning. 

Bookable premises in ANA10 at KI Campus Flemingsberg, 50-90 seats.
ANA10. Photo: Samuel Lundberg.
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