Changes and upgrades IDAC

Here you will find the upcoming upgrades and improvements in IDAC. This page is continuously updated.

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Upgrade of IDAC October 2022

The upgrade is planned to start 18:e th of octobre and opens on  the 26 th of octobre.

The upgrade is planned for a weekend. A few working days before the weekend, the system is closed and on the following Tuesday we have a control day before we open up again.

Important before and during the upgrade

During the upgrade, the connection to the source systems connected to IDAC will be closed and thus no new accounts will be able to be created.

Accounts that have start dates during the upgrade will also not be able to start during this period. We therefore recommend that you choose a start date that is before the time for the upgrade.

The following source systems are connected to IDAC:

  • Primula (payroll system)
  • UBW affiliates (affiliation system)
  • LADOK (student registration)

The following cannot be performed in IDAC during the upgrade:

  • Change phone number
  • Change email address
  • Create new accounts
  • Activate accounts during these days
  • Update profile pages and organization pages on
  • Active accounts will not be affected.

Why are we upgrading IDAC?

IDAC consists of several technical parts, one of which will stop being supported by our supplier. The new version is technically different from the current version, but in terms of appearance and usability there are no major differences.

Status of the upgrade

For a period, we in the administration have been working on the upgrade and we are now at the point where we have started testing. A new test environment has been developed and is connected to several systems that will mimic our production environment.

During the test period, emails may be sent to the business. We have taken measures to prevent this, but if it should happen, we appreciate you notifying us via KI IT Selfservice

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