Deans and departmental groups

Karolinska Institutet is organised in three departmental groups: KI Nord (North), KI Solna and KI Syd (South). Each departmental group is coordinated by a Dean.

Christer Höög (KI Solna), Maria Eriksdotter (KI Syd), Anna Martling (KI Nord)

The Deans most important tasks are:

  • To coordinate the departments within the group through regular contacts with the heads of department and joint meetings
  • To act as the department's voice in the KI management
  • To act as the department's voice in the Faculty Board
  • To manage and allocate documents received by KI for public consultation within their departmental groups
  • To together push common issues for the best of the whole KI - "KI is one seat of learning"

(More information about the departmental groups is linked from the Swedish version of this page). 

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