Design grid

KI’s design grid helps create a common layout in all Karolinska Institutet’s communications. The design system is the glue that holds together the various graphic components and creates a specific impression.

The purpose of KI’s design grid is to trigger recognition so that employees, students or third parties can quickly identify Karolinska Institutet as the sender. By applying certain preset layout principles we do not need to re-invent the wheel every time a brochure or profile product is to be produced - the foundations are there and the system is simple to use.

KI's design grid is characterised by three components:

White border

A white border is a common feature and is used on most printed matter, posters, advertisements and digital presentations. It is possible to omit the white border when only one colour and the logotype is used, for example on flags and maps. On important products such as brochures and pamphlets, the border is used on three pages only. The page that forms the back does not have a border.

Width of the border:

  • A5-size = 3 mm
  • A4-size = 5 mm
  • A3-size = 7 mm


The layout is based on a modular framework that can be combined in various ways and joined together to give surfaces that are filled with colour or images, often a combination of both.

Publisher area

All covers, posters and advertisements have a publisher area in which the logo type (and header, for example) is positioned. The purpose is to create a consistent foundation on which the rest of the layout rests, and which clearly defines the sender.

In most cases, the publisher area is in KI’s plum colour with white logo.