Developing the staff portal

The Staff portal was developed in 2019 and 2020 in order to include information targeted to a group of employees and affiliates and accessible behind login. Read more about the project here.

The idea is that once you log in on the web site (or on your computer at work) you will access information tailored to your specific needs. You will access news, events, and tools based on what institution or organsational unit you belong to. Before this development, this kind of info was published on the local internal web sites of the departments. These are now phased out meaning we have stopped using the platform Polopoly.

The web platform was updated to the next version (Drupal 8) in May 2019, which prepared the way for developing the staff portal. The goal of the project was to create a "One stop shop".for staff who previously had had to find information in various places, also improving the quality of the information and avoid double publishing adn an overload of email. 

Staff should first see information targeted to their groups. This may be news, events and tools based on organizational affiliation, but also information that does not need or should be accessible by everyone. The Staff portal is a complement to Teams. Most local intranets were using the platform Polopoly which we could now phase out, saving work and resources for editors who use one system for web publishing.

All previously open information is still open. Some information require login with a KI ID, and some info is visible only to the relevant group of staff. No classified info is or should be published online, limiting content has to do with not having to see info that is not of your concern. Examples are who you should report to on sick leave at your department or an invitation to an event intended for staff at a specific department.

Info on the staff portal can not be limited to groups based on other than organisational affiliation such as professions etc. This might be a future development. 


Viktoria Olausson

Communications officer