Direct award

Guidance in direct award

On these pages you will find information, regulations and operating procedures concerning purchasing and public procurement.

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Direct award

In the case of procurements where the estimated value is less than the fixed monetary limit, 700 000 SEK, the contracting authority may make a direct award, i.e. make a procurement without publication of a contract notice. This is done in cases where a normal tender procedure would incur excessive administrative costs in relation to the size of the procurement. Direct award can also be used in certain specific situations that are stated in legislation, i.e. if there are "overriding reasons". When using direct award, the contracting authority should also contact several (3) potential suppliers in order to obtain the most beneficial tender.

According to the Karolinska Institute procurement rules this is how to purchase:
Direct award is allowed if there isn´t a frame agreement covering the need for the product/services. The value has to be lower than  615 312 SEK.

  • The value is the total sum of the object or services. When estimating the contract's value, attention should be paid to the maximum total amount that will be paid during the contract period. This means that the calculations should be made on the basis that any options and
  • renewals of contracts will be exercised.
  • The purchase has to be according to the EU directives.
  • Contact the department purchasing coordinator for advice if the purchase is above 100 000 SEK since:
  • the value of the goods or service between 100 000 SEK to 615 312 SEK has to be reported to Purchase and Procurement Unit before making any purchase:
  • A purchase more than 615 312 SEK has to be procured by the Purchase and Procurement Unit.

Filling out the form for direct award

Template for direct award

1. Needs analysis

  • The planning stage starts with definition of the business's requirements, in order to identify potential acquisitions, and when and during which period the requirement will arise.
  • Check if there is an existing frame agreement ( and KI agreements that cover the need.
  • If there is no frame agreements covering the needs, then start the purchasing procedure.
  • Explore the market
  • Identify relevant suppliers for the purchase.
  • If possible, choose at least three (3) potential suppliers and ask for a quote.
  • If the value of the product is more than 100 000 SEK, contact the department purchasing coordinator.
  • Check that the supplier has a ”F-skattsedel” and that they have a good financial status via for example Ratsit, CreditSafe or “Skatteverket skv4820.”

2. Decision regarding direct award purchase

  • The purchase documentation needs a registration number according to the regulations at the KI department.

3. Request a quote and write a specification of the product/service

  • Define and write down the specifications of the product /service you will purchase.
  • Use the form:Request for quotation
  • Decide what commercial & non-commercial demands the supplier has to fulfil.
  • Decide the evaluation procedure: price or quality/service.

4. Mail to suppliers

  • Mail the request for quotation via e-mail to the chosen suppliers.

5. Questions from the suppliers

  • Answer questions to all suppliers (via e-mail)
  • If necessarly make a complement to the request for quotation.

6. Evaluation

  • Evaluate the quotes according to the request
  • Put the evaluation together in a document.

7. Contract award notice

  • Decide which supplier to purchase from with a motivation.

Report to the Purchase and Procurement Unit before making any purchase:

  • Wait for approval from the Purchase and Procurement Unit.
  • Notify the selected supplier
  • Use the form: Template for direct award
  • Notify all the suppliers the assignment decision

8. Agreement and archiving

  • Sign the agreement with the supplier.
  • Send the documents to the purchasing coordinator of purchase for archiving.

9. Implementation and communication

  • When need occurs call off/order supplies/service from the new agreements.
  • Communicate to the users about the new agreement

10. Agreement and delivery following-up

  • The invoice responsible person will check that the invoice and delivery is correct according to the rules.
  • Check that the product/service is accordingly to the order.
  • Check that the invoice complies with the order.


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