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Tools and documents for course leaders and the next generation of scientists.

KI's Pedagogical Compass

The Pedagogical policy is a common starting point and guidance when working with learning within KI, regardless of role and activity. 

  • A shared point-of-departure that is clear for all committees, teachers, and students at KI.
  • Not a method, but an approach for inspiration and guidance.
  • The Pedagogical policy has three perspectives: Studentcentered and active learning​, Scholarship of teaching and learning​ and Psychological safety

Recommended activities for Course Organizers

Because it is important to strengthen and integrate different components of course programs that are relevant to the Agenda 2030/ global perspective and equal opportunities in education and research. Here are some suggested available educational courses on Canvas for program organizers.

Sustainable Development Goals

Discrimination & Equal Opportunities

Transformative Learning

Also known as transformational learning emphasizes the notion of modifying a way of thinking in response to new information. This is a style of learning and reasoning that incorporates tacit knowledge, talents, and competencies in order to assess arguments and question preconceived beliefs which can lead to new ideas and actions. It is a process of changing problematic frames of reference to make them more inclusive, insightful, open, reflective, and emotionally changeable.

Transformative Learning as Discourse

Transformative learning as pedagogy for the health professions: a scoping review

Societal impact

League of European Research Universities

The League of European Research Universities (LERU) is a prominent advocate for the promotion of basic research at European research universities. They strongly believe that frontier research plays an essential role in the innovation process and significantly contributes to the progress of society.

LERU publishes its views on research and higher education in several types of publications, including high-level policy statements, in-depth analyses and concrete recommendations for policymakers, universities, researchers and other stakeholders.

Societal impact of academic research in the knowledge society

Open Science and its role in universities: a roadmap for cultural change

Responsible research

Responsible research & innovation - Horizon 2020

Responsible research and innovation is an approach that anticipates and assesses potential implications and societal expectations with regard to research and innovation, with the aim to foster the design of inclusive and sustainable research and innovation.

Best practice


A network of higher education institutions that is committed to developing and disseminating best practice within PhD training programmes.


Ethical guidelines at Karolinska Institutet.

Sex, gender & diversity dimensions in research

Resources portfolio for Sex and Gender Analysis in Health - Gendered Innovation Alliance

Tools for the implementation of sex, gender & diversity dimension aspects in biomedical research and education.

Gendered Innovations

Gendered Innovations employs methods of sex and gender analysis to create new knowledge.

Science communication

Toolbox for science communication provided by the Swedish Research Council.

News & events

Calendar for the doctoral programmes - follow for updates and information.