Expectations of doctoral students and supervisors

Knowing each other’s expectations is paramount for a good professional relationship between a doctoral student and the principal supervisor and a successful doctoral education.

Expectations should be communicated and clarified before the PhD journey is started and at the latest during the writing of the individual study plan and before admission as a doctoral student.

Responsibility of the supervisor

The general duties and obligations of supervisors (both the principal and the co-supervisor(s)) at KI are described in the Rules for doctoral education. The main commitments of each supervisor and the organization and structure of the supervision are described in the individual study plan of each doctoral student.

Responsibility of the doctoral student

The main responsibility of a doctoral student at KI is to follow his or her own individual study plan in a professional way. Revisions of the individual study plan have to be made in agreement with the supervisors. The doctoral student should enquire about departmental duties and possibilities (e.g. teaching) preferably already before admission as a doctoral student.

Mutual responsibilities

Revisions and updates of the individual study plan including the research project are the duty of both supervisors and students.

Individual practical expectations should be clarified and documented too. A well communicated supervision plan can be helpful in this respect. KI’s regulations (e.g. concerning work environment including equal opportunities) and code of conduct should be known and followed.