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Update the ISP:

1. The principal supervisor creates a new version of the ISP by clicking on Study plans - Revise. The previously established ISP is now archived in the ISP-system.

2. A new version of the ISP is created with updated data from Ladok.

3. The doctoral student and the principal supervisor update the ISP together. Use the Message log to inform the Study Director what updates have been made and why.  

Note: These sections can only be edited by the principal supervisor:

Section 1-2: Research school, if applicable
Section 3: Planned study activity and Planned means of support
Section 4: Planned obligatory courses
Section 5: Supervisor group and responsibilities

4. Upload documents, according to the list of obligatory attachments

5. Both the doctoral student and the principal supervisor has to approve the ISP before it can be sent forward to the Study Director for approval. See the ISP-system workflow.

6. The departmental Study Director reviews the updates. If further revision is required the Study Director will send the ISP back to the doctoral student.

7. The Study Director finally approves & establishes the new version of the ISP.

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