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During the move

To keep in mind during the move to ANA 8.


During any large-scale relocation, a great many people move through the premises and it may be difficult to know who is authorised.

Staff from the moving firm and other contractors always wear profile clothing. Everyone entering the premises must be able to identify themselves, whether contractors or KI staff.

It is important that everyone helps to keep doors closed in order to prevent unauthorised persons from entering the premises.

Please close doors that have been left open unnecessarily. If you are unsure if someone is authorised, don’t hesitate to ask for identification – for everyone’s security.

Who is working during the move?

Relocation coordinators from each department will be working intensively during the move, and they may require one or more people to assist them in each area; for example, someone to monitor the move from the old premises and someone in place to monitor the move into the new premises.