E-procurement in UBW

At KI we use UBW (Agresso)-Our business and e-commerce system.

When you shop through KI´s e-commerce, you can more easily keep track of your purchases, you follow The Public Procurement Act (LOU) and approval  before purchase.

We recommend Chrome when sign in to the system.You may need to change a setting in Chrome for punchout to work. 



Picture of About Unit4 and clear the cache
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Right now, it does not work to take back the shopping cart from punchout in Chrome.

Instead, use Firefox, where it should work. Unfortunately, there are some features where UBW and Firefox are not fully compatible.

-The "Send for approval" button may be disabled.

Solution: Click Save as draft, then the approval button is activated.

-The boxes Drafts, Sent etc. may be hidden, but should appear when you log in again.

Picture of About Unit4 and clear the cache
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A good idea is to clear the cache by clicking on your user ID and About Unit4 Business World

Access to the system

For access, contact the purchasing coordinator  or fill in the form in UBW.

More information can be found at How to apply for an account in UBW


Firstly, contact the  purchasing coordinator at your department. If you need help with the system or have questions regarding invoices, you can contact supportsystems@ki.se. For questions related to the product range or purchase-related questions, please contact inkopupphandling@ki.se.

You can order computers and other IT equipment via the IT department's portal Wisum.

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