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E-procurement in UBW

The best way to make a purchase is to use KI’s e-purchasing system. Since there are also products that are not included in KI’s contracts, you need to check that the product is officially contracted, in the same way as when you make purchases outside UBW.

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Why use e-purchase?

E-purchasing means that the entire purchasing process (ordering, receipt of goods and invoicing) takes place electronically, which has several advantages:

  • You can purchase products from several suppliers on the same order
  • Better control of your purchases and simpler follow-ups and reporting
  • The time between an invoice being sent and payment is on average shortened by 15 days thanks to e-invoices
  • Easier to comply with the rules governing public procurements, e.g. attestation before purchase

What products are included in UBW?

  • Contracted products
  • Non-contracted products, not governed by any contract but which may be ordered
  • Products which may not be ordered

This means that you must take care when you order through e-purchasing so as not to make a prohibited direct procurement, in exactly the same way as when you order outside KI’s purchasing system.

How to see if products are included in KI’s framework agreements

Karolinska Institutet’s price is shown in green.

If a crossed-out list price is shown that is higher than KI’s green price:

  • The product is contracted. You can continue with the order.

If the crossed-out list price and the green KI price are the same, the product is not included in our framework agreements or is contracted with another supplier.

  • Check if the product is contracted with another supplier in KI’s contract catalogue. If so, order the product from the contracted supplier.
  • If the product is not available from another supplier, you can make a direct award. When you order the product you need to comply with the rules for direct award.

If you are not sure that you are allowed to order a product that is included in the e-purchasing system, ask the procurement officer at your department or us at the Purchasing unit.

Examples of products in the e-purchasing system

Some examples of products that you can purchase through KI's e-purchasing system:

  • Reagents, gloves, antibodies and chemical products
  • Copying paper
  • Cinema tickets from SF
  • Paper napkins, cloths, washing-up detergent, etc.
  • Selected small instruments

You can order computers and other IT equipment through the IT department’s portal Wisum.


To be authorised to use the e-purchasing system, contact the procurement officer at your department.

Even if you are not authorised to make purchases, you can make a list of products that you can send to your purchasing coordinator.


Contact the procurement officer at your department in the first instance. If you need help with the system or have questions about invoices, you can contact For questions relating to the product range or purchasing-related queries, please contact