Tips for equipment for work and teaching at a distance

The right equipment makes working and teaching at a distance work better. Here are som tips for affordable equipment.

Equipment can be ordered through the Wisum catalog from suppliers with purchasing agreements.


Sennheiser PC7/PC8

Sennheiser PC7 headset
Sennheiser PC7 headset

A simple low-weight headset with a USB-connection for a good price and build.  The PC-7 model has one earphone (because of that it is mono) and the PC8 has two (stereo). The PC7-model has no volume control of mute button which makes it extremely easy to use.

Unfortunately these do not come with a case, but an A4 zip bag works perfectly

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Logitech c920/c920s/c930

Logitech c930 webbcam
Logitech c930 webbkamera

A simple reasonably priced USB-webcam (HD). The cord is quite long, and the camera angle is quite narrow which means it works well at a longer distance. Under the camera, there is also a built in thread for a camera tripod, but the camera is also built to sit directly on a screen.

The unit for Teaching and Learning has used both models, and they have worked well. The difference between them is that the c920s comes with a lens protector/integrity cover and works better in more difficult lighting conditions.

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Joby GorillaPod 325

Tripod for webcam: Joby GorillaPod
Joby GorillaPod stativ

A tripod which works well with smaller cameras or webcams. It can grip onto objects which makes it easy to position. Joby sells many different varieties including versioner which are adapted for use with smartphones.

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Conference cameras and packages for e-meetings

Logitech MeetUP/Logitech ConferenceCam Connect

For e-meetings where several participants sit in the same room, you can use a conference camera. The conference equipment has a camera, microphone and speaker built in. These can be connected directly into a computer with a USB cable, and no extra equipment is required. Both stationary and portable versions are available.

Find conference cameras on Wisum: Produkter & tjänsterIT-produkter / telefoniKI – e-möten.

E-meeting packages

On Wisum you can also order packages for conference rooms which do not have an existing screen. In these packages you get a screen, camera, speaker and necessary accessories.

Find e-meeting packages on Wisum: Produkter & tjänsterIT-produkter / telefoniKI – e-möten > Utrustning för e-möten

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