Learning Analytics

Traditionally, the most common use of learning analytics is the prediction of student ‎academic success, and more specifically, the identification of students who are at risk of ‎failing a course or dropping out of their studies. But learning analytics is far more powerful.‎
On this page, we will introduce the concept and applications of Learning Analytics (LA) in teaching and learning in the higher education context.

About learning analytics

learning analytics at KI

In this video, Mats and Arash describe how they explored different learning analytics platforms for KI and tested one of them in a short period.

What are the analytic features available at main educational platforms of KI ‎now

How to use Learning Analytics in Inspera

Currently, Inspera is the main digital assessment tool at KI. It provides analytical information for your assessments at 2 levels: Question Analytics (Find out how your Questions perform in a test) and Question Set Analytics (How was the quality of the question in your test?).

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How to use LA in Inspera

What is available at KI ‎now


InteDashboard is a software that assists educators and trainers, who are using a team-based learning approach in their teaching methodology, by automating and optimizing the whole 'team-based learning' experience.

In this video, you will learn how to view and interpret students' and teams' performance data on InteDashboard. 


Qpercom is an advanced observational assessment tool, with added video integration, used by institutions for high-stakes clinical assessment, such as OSCEs. 

On this link, you will read more about how Qpercom company thinks about "Data Analysis" and Educational Decision Making. 


Padlets are visual boards for organizing and sharing content. 

Visit the Analytics page to view account statistics. You can see the number of users, padlets, posts, and comments in your account. You can also see the number of padlets created each month since your account started.

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Padlet analytics