MTC Microbiology and Cell Biology Course Laboratory

MTC is in charge of the course laboratory at Campus Solna, where students learn to handle and work with microbes and cells in a safe and practical way. The course lab was opened in the autumn of 2013 in the Scheele lab.

Students working in the lab
Microbiology and Cell Biology Course Laboratory.

The new laboratory is modern and light, and can host up to 96 students working at the same time. It consists of a large common laboratory that is equipped with microscopes, incubators for bacteria, refrigerators, centrifuges and general equipment for work with microbes and cells. In addition to this lab, there is a preparatory room for the teachers to plan and prepare the course labs. Two unconnected cell culture rooms are separated from the main lab by antechambers and are equipped with four laminar flow cabinets and two incubators each. And there is a dark room for microscopy that can be used both for microscopy by the students and for demonstrations.

Students working in the lab
Microbiology and Cell Biology Course Laboratory.

The lab is classified for biosafety level 2, i.e. suitable for work involving agents that pose moderate hazards to personnel and the environment. The students have boxes for their coats, and are required to put on lab coats in the entrance room before going in to the main lab. The course lab is used for teaching lab work to undergraduate, graduate and doctoral students at KI, and provides an excellent learning environment with modern facilities. Students from the study programmes in medicine and optometry, the bachelor’s and master’s programmes in biomedicine, and many doctoral courses, use this facility. Since 2014 the course lab has been a core facility at Campus Solna.


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