EEO - External Engagement Office

Work with, meeting, dialogue


We work to create new opportunities for KI researchers (including PhD students and postdocs) for partnerships with industry and other external organisations. We provide support in setting up and managing long-term structured partnerships.

Research contracts

We provide advice and support in the early stages of the contracting process for such partnerships.

Career service

We work to educate and advise PhD students, postdocs and researchers for a future career inside and outside academia. We offer a varied program of seminars workshops, lectures and online support. We also organise a doctoral course and financed internship programs for PhD students and postdocs.


We provide mentorship programmes, inspirational activities and support to help researchers achieve impact and use of their knowledge and how their research can address United Nations Agenda 2030.


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Head of EEO

Richard Cowburn leads a team of highly qualified staff who work with long-term partnerships with industry and other actors. EEO creates a good infrastructure and support for managing collaborative research, contracting, intellectual property rights and other issues.

Richard Cowburn

Head of External Engagement Office (EEO)

Dennis Hellgren

Project manager

Fadwa Benkessou

Alliance Manager

Håkan Karlsson

Contract process coordinator

Collaboration capacity

Kerstin Lundin

Project manager for research and developments projects (SKISS, the K3 project) and ALF/USV evaluations 2022

Raquel Tavares

Coordinator, supports postdocs and researchers

Ana Oliveira

Coordinator, supports postdocs and researchers

EIT Health

Together with KI's researchers, we take operational and strategic initiatives for new projects in education, innovation and business development for the benefit of health care. 

Inger Lundqvist

Project manager