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EIT Health budget and funding structure

The EIT Health funding can be thought of as added value to already existing projects, or “on-top funding”. This means that the project members should already have the complementary funding, called KIC Complementary Activities (KCA), which can for example be funding from the Swedish Research Council, an existing H2020 project or costs for an existing training programme. The funding which creates an added value to the project is called KIC Added Value Activities (KAVA). KAVA includes EIT Health funding as well as co-funding. Co-funding is also called “own contribution”. Therefore, co-funding could also be defined as a share of KAVA costs which is financed by the partner itself.

EIT is part of H2020 and therfore follows H2020 rules. The Annotated Model Grant Agreement (AMGA) provides descriptions of eligible costs for H2020 projects.