Answers to the most frequently asked questions about KI ELN

ELN FAQs have moved to the KI IT Selfservice portal

There you can browse the FAQ articles that have been arranged under three different folders

  • General ELN questions
  • ELN user questions
  • ELN superuser questions

You can also use the search box on the top of the page to look for articles containing specific key words (such as "project", "submission", "template")

FAQ Article on KI IT Selfservice portal
Who can get access to KI ELN? https://selfservice.ki.se/en-us/article/1481921
How do I apply for a KI ELN user account? https://selfservice.ki.se/en-us/article/1481923
How do I apply for a research group account in KI ELN? https://selfservice.ki.se/en-us/article/1359267
Can students access KI ELN? https://selfservice.ki.se/en-us/article/1481924
What happens with the documentation of a KI ELN user if he/she changes research group? https://selfservice.ki.se/en-us/article/1481934
What happens with the ELN group account if the research group changes department? https://selfservice.ki.se/en-us/article/1481935
What happens with ELN if a group member leaves KI? https://selfservice.ki.se/en-us/article/1481936
What happens with an ELN group if the group leader leaves KI? https://selfservice.ki.se/en-us/article/1481938
Can a researcher belong to multiple KI ELN groups? https://selfservice.ki.se/en-us/article/1481939
We collaborate with researchers from another research group at KI. Can we invite them to our projects? https://selfservice.ki.se/en-us/article/1481942
What is the difference between ELN projects and experiments? https://selfservice.ki.se/en-us/article/1481946
Are subfolders available within ELN projects? https://selfservice.ki.se/en-us/article/1481947
Is my data safe in KI ELN? https://selfservice.ki.se/en-us/article/1481948
Can I access KI ELN from home? https://selfservice.ki.se/en-us/article/1481949
Why can’t I Iog in to KI ELN? https://selfservice.ki.se/en-us/article/1482050
Can I use KI ELN on my tablet/ipad? https://selfservice.ki.se/en-us/article/1482053
What should I store in KI ELN? https://staff.ki.se/what-you-canshall-store-in-eln
Can I store personal data in KI ELN? https://selfservice.ki.se/en-us/article/1482055
How big can an experiment be? https://selfservice.ki.se/en-us/article/1482056
What should I do with files that are too big to be uploaded to KI ELN? https://selfservice.ki.se/en-us/article/1482057
I had a student ELN account but now it has been inactivated and I have an account that is connected to my KI ID. How can I access the experiments I created when I was using my student account? https://selfservice.ki.se/en-us/article/1482058
Can I delete an experiment? https://selfservice.ki.se/en-us/article/1482059
How can I recover a previous version of a section within an ELN experiment? https://selfservice.ki.se/en-us/article/1482060
How can I make sure that I do not lose any data when I work on ELN? https://selfservice.ki.se/en-us/article/1482063
How can I share an experiment with a researcher that does not have access to KI ELN? https://selfservice.ki.se/en-us/article/1482065
How do I write searches in ELN? https://selfservice.ki.se/en-us/article/1482067
Where do I find ELN experiments that my co-workers have created? https://selfservice.ki.se/en-us/article/1482068
Why can’t I see an ELN project when I click on “Me as author” or “All experiments”? https://selfservice.ki.se/en-us/article/1482069
Why can't I see an ELN project when I try to save an experiment under it? https://selfservice.ki.se/en-us/article/1482070
Why am I getting Error message “Saving projects Failed. Reason:400” when I try to save an ELN experiment under a project? https://selfservice.ki.se/en-us/article/1482072
Why can't I upload Word/Excel/Powerpoint documents to ELN? https://selfservice.ki.se/en-us/article/1482073
Why can't I paste text in ELN? https://selfservice.ki.se/en-us/article/1482080
Why am I getting the error message "You have selected more than 300 rows, this will result in a large number of cells being imported to ELN" when I try to upload an Excel document? https://selfservice.ki.se/en-us/article/1482086
Why am I getting the error message "Permission denied, SQL-20100 Error" when I try to create an experiment or save a template? https://selfservice.ki.se/en-us/article/1482087
Why is the public ELN template I created not visible to my co-workers? https://selfservice.ki.se/en-us/article/1482556
Is it possible to work with the same ELN template at different time points? https://selfservice.ki.se/en-us/article/1482558
Why can’t I edit my co-worker’s ELN experiment? https://selfservice.ki.se/en-us/article/1482561
Can I edit an ELN experiment that has been submitted? https://selfservice.ki.se/en-us/article/1482563
Why can’t I find the co-signer I am looking for in an ELN experiment? https://selfservice.ki.se/en-us/article/1482564
How do I view attached files while co-signing an experiment? https://selfservice.ki.se/en-us/article/1482565
I will leave the research group or KI. What should I do in my ELN notebook? https://selfservice.ki.se/en-us/article/1482566
An ELN user has left our group. Can another ELN user submit or edit his/her experiments? https://selfservice.ki.se/en-us/article/1482570
How is an ELN superuser added or removed? https://selfservice.ki.se/en-us/article/1482571
What is the procedure for removing a KI ELN user? https://selfservice.ki.se/en-us/article/1482572
Can I delete an ELN project ? https://selfservice.ki.se/en-us/article/1482573
Why are some of the ELN projects on the project list within ELNAdminWeb red and not clickable? https://selfservice.ki.se/en-us/article/1482574
What do the different signature options for ELN projects in ELNAdminWeb mean? https://selfservice.ki.se/en-us/article/1482575
I am an ELN superuser but will now stop working at the group. What should I do? https://selfservice.ki.se/en-us/article/1482576
I, as a superuser, created a project for an ELN user but he/she can't see it when trying to save an experiment https://selfservice.ki.se/en-us/article/1482577
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