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Environment and sustainable development at LIME

Karolinska Institutet's research and education on how society affects human health, now, locally and globally are key parts of the university's environmental and sustainability work.

The role of the environmental and sustainability representative at LIME is to promote and inform about environmental and social responsibility at the department. The representative is part of the work environment group.

Energy saving and conservation

Everyone can contribute to using less energy by an energy-conscious behavior and by choosing energy-saving equipment when procuring and purchasing (LIME purchases computer equipment that meet the recommended environmental regulations and where the materials in the products can be recycled and reused as much as possible. This also applies to printers, toners, copy machines, mobile phones and other electronic equipment).

  • Activate the saving features of your equipment
  • Turn off lights and unnecessary equipment when possible
  • Print only when necessary
  • Limit the use of non-reusable and polluting consumables
  • Recycle all waste whenever possible

Business travel

  • Consider using the phone, video or other web conference solutions rather than travelling
  • Travel by train rather than flying when travelling to nearby domestic destination
  • Choose eco-taxi and rent eco-cars
  • Grab the KI commuter bus between campuses
  • Use public transport
  • Choose eco-labelled hotels


Ronny Sejersen

Project manager