Ergonomics is about the interaction between people, work tasks and the environment. The employer has the main responsibility for the systematic work environment management and is required to involve employee and safety representatives in implementing the routines for a safe work environment.

The duties of the employer

The employer is required to organize and provide a healthy work environment, where satisfactory work positions and movements are achieved. The employer is also required to involve the employee in implementing a healthy workplace strategy, providing sufficient opportunities of recovery and variation during the work day (AML 3 kap 3§)

The duties of the employee

The employee is required to follow given instructions in preventing risks och ill health and reporting dangerous or adverse conditions to the employer.


Information about the prevention of risks in the work environment are to be found on the Swedish Work Environment Authority website.

In order to promote improved ergonomics and prevent ill health at KI, the following actions may be done:

  • adjustment of the existing work station/work place with support from an ergonomist
  • trying out adjustable chairs, tables and ergonomic equipment
  • support for the implementing of Systematic Work Environment Management (AFS 2001:1)
  • attend to employee training in ergonomics "Ergonomics & Exercise" provided by the Occupational health services and KI Health Promotion Unit
  • participate in health promoting activities arranged by KI Health Promotion Unit

Work with computers and visual display units

Read more in the provisions AFS 1998:5 Arbete vid bildskärm (unfortunately only in Swedish). Here you will find the requirements regarding employees undergoing eye examinations for computer work and if necessary receiving special adapted working glasses. This is arranged and paid for by the manager or on a department level.

KI has a framework agreement with Specsavers but you are also welcome to use the KI Optometry Program at S:t Erik Eye hospital. The agreement includes eye examination and, when needed, special work glasses or safety goggles with adapted glass. You will find the requisition form to the KI Optometry Program below. The requisition form for Specsavers is found on the KI Frame agreement site.

Work place ergonomics - office setting

View short films about how to adjust your workplace:

Adjust table, screen, mouse

Adjust the chair

Requisition form - KI Optometry Program

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