Error reporting and Suggestions in Neo

Do you have suggestions or requests relating to Neo? Or are there any problems occurring, something that needs to be fixed in Neo? Here you can find e-mail addresses for different occasions, including suggestions of when to use which address.


To be used when there is a malfunction that needs to be fixed ("There is a broken lamp", "The door does not open/close" and so on.)


To suggest more or less anything (For example: "it would be nice to have small flags outside each office, representing the country(ies) of the inhabitants")

  • Make the subject line as informative as possible (there is no need to include the words “problem”, "request", “suggestion”, “help” or similar in the subject line).
  • State the issue clearly and concisely in the body of the e-mail.
  • Provide the room number and Nilex-number (if relevant) where the issue/problem occurs.

IT related questions should be sent to your regular IT-support.