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Fire protection, security and reporting an incident - LIME

Information and routines regardubg fire protection, security and reporting incidents at the Department of Learning, Informatics, Management and Ethics.

Burglar and Security alarm

Burglar alarms have been installed on all doors and windows, the entrance floor as well as on windows adjacent to roofs of surrounding buildings. All doors equipped with locks are connected to an alarm system.

Please note that the angled green emergency exit handles may only be used for emergency evacuation as they trigger the alarm when used.

Preventing theft and burglary

  • Use your key, and make sure to lock your door on your way out.
  • Lock up your computer and valuables, even when you leave your room for a short while.
  • Do not let anyone in without asking who they are and what/who they are looking for. If you do not recognise the visitor, accompany them to the person they are supposed to meet.


There are defibrillators located at both entrances on floor 4 and one by the main entrance on floor 3. User guides are available by all defibrillator stations.

In case of fire

Information on fire protection is posted at all exits. A detailed instruction of how to proceed in case of a fire in the building.

  • Try to put out the fire if it does not involve any risk.
  • Press the fire alarm button on the wall. Please note that the alarm at Solna Campus is NOT connected to the Stockholm Fire Brigade. The receiver of the alarm is Akademiska Hus, the property owner.
  • Dial SOS Alarm 112 and request the fire brigade.
  • Evacuate the premises. Use the closest exit. Please remember that fire extinction will begin only once the entire building has been evacuated.
  • Proceed to the assembly point as soon as possible.

Assembly points

  • For Widerströmska: Parking lot, Tomtebodavägen 23, opposite to Widerströmska
  • For NASP: approximately 20 meters to the left of the NASP building (hillock)

Preventive actions

Escape routes, fire extinguishers and fire blankets should be kept clear from obstructions at all times.

Make sure you know where to find the nearest exit.

Fire safety supervisor:

Ronny Sejersen

Fire safety controllers:

Floor 4: Maria Appelgren

NASP: Eva Wasserman

Escape paths/routes

Have a look at the evacuation signs located at the entrances on each floor (3 and 4), or contact and we will guide you.

Please remember to keep all escape paths clear of any items at all times.


Reporting an incident

If you have been involved in or have witnessed any kind of irregular or unlawful situation or if you have noticed a potential danger you need to submit a report as soon as possible. The more we get to know, the more effectively we can act, and the better placed we will be to make Karolinska Institutet a safer, more secure and more sustainable workplace.

Any kind of event affecting your physical and psychosocial work environment needs to be reported in KI's electronic incident reporting system.

Therese Wahlström

Assistant to the Head of Department