Flexible working and sustainable development

We can use the lessons learned from last year to build a better future. For a couple of years, KI has been running the project , "One KI for Sustainable Development", which is now being handed over to KI employees to manage and develop further. We can all contribute and we need to make good examples and ideas visible, and show how they contribute to the achievement of the 2030 Agenda. The flexible working approach, which is now offered as an opportunity, is an important part of this work.

Some common thoughts from Chair of the steering committee, Annika Östman Wernerson and Project Manager, Kerstin Lundin, in the project "One KI for Sustainable Development":

Can you give an example of challenges turned into opportunities from the past year's digital transformation?

- For many, the technological tools were a challenge. It's impressive to see that many are now professionals at technology and see value in not having to travel and relocate to meeting rooms. That experience is now available among all KI staff. Fewer trips to and from work and fewer business trips have a positive impact on the climate, and digital interactions increase the possibility of participation in global networks and the creation of "Virtual Centres" for knowledge development.

How does a flexible working approach contribute to the 2030 Agenda and to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals?

- The Global Goals are interdependent and require joint efforts both locally and internationally. Introducing a flexible way of working contributes to several of the Global Goals for example on health, education, working conditions, gender equality, sustainable cities and communities, climate and partnerships.

- It is excellent that KI is taking the initiative and showing both challenges and opportunities with changes in working methods. We see knowledge being shared between researchers, teachers and professional services. We also believe that KI can learn from other organisations that have more experience and have found solutions. Important to keep in mind is that what we do now affects future generations and our shared planet. Therefore, we also need to raise our sights.  

There is now a well-developed website with a lot of information about the KI's work on sustainable development. We encourage everyone to take advantage of the recently launched web training "Getting started with the SDGs". Please contact the project team if you have ideas and would like to actively work on any urgent issue.

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