General information and new routines in ANA Futura

New routines for ANA Futura regarding toner for the printers, purchase of printer papers, yellow and black boxes and more.

Paper for the printers

The service team is responsible for purchasing paper for all printers in ANA Futura. The cost is divided by the Steering Committee as shown in the distribution key.

The paper will arrive to the goods reception on the 7th floor. In this room all departments/groups can collect paper when needed and store at the printer stations available on the different floors.

Note! To make sure an order will be enough for all printer stations, please retrieve a maximum of 4 boxes at a time. When the boxes have run out, retrieve 4 more and so on.


When a toner in a printer is running out, an automatic order is sent to the supplier – Ricoh. The service team will receive the toner packages and deliver them to the printer station at the 8th floor (to the left coming out of the elevators, see image). Replacement of toners is the responsibility of all staff in ANA Futura.

Routines for yellow boxes

The service team is responsible for purchasing the yellow boxes. The boxes are available at each recycling station. When the boxes are full, mark them with signed labels and place them in a fitted cabinet in the recycling station. The service team will handle the removal. The service team will NOT handle unmarked or unlabeled boxes. For more information, read: "Lab rules for ANA Futura staff" further down on this page.

Routines for black boxes

Biological waste is sealed in a suitable plastic bag and stored in a freezer until you have enough to fill a black box. Contact the service team for removal. For more information, read "Lab rules for ANA Futura staff" further down on this page.

Routines for labb clothes

For lab clothes, the following routine applies. For more information, read: "Lab rules for ANA Futura staff" further down on this page.

New names for the meeting rooms in Outlook

With our new name now finally decided, we will also change the names of the meeting rooms in Outlook. The IT department handles this. Today the names are: FL ANA8 <room name Plan> i outlook. Soon the rooms will be renamed: ANA Futura <room name Plan>.

Note! If you have added the rooms to a list in your Outlook, they will disappear when the rooms are renamed. You will have to add them again.

New meeting room in the library

ANA Futura has built a meeting room in the Library on the 4th floor. The room is called "Selma Lagerlöf" and has 43 seats. It and can be booked in outlook along with all the other meeting rooms for ANA Futura. All staff in ANA Futura have access to the meeting room and to the Library between 07.00AM-10.00PM.

The idea of having the room in the library is to open up and relay research to our graduate studens and also to have a constant flow of researchers visiting the library. When the common seminar series of ANA Futura will start, the Selma Lagerlöf room will be an excellent venue for such events. The room's activity will soon be published on the homepage of ANA Futura.

Eileen - Mobile 80" screen

We have a new member of our AV-equipment in ANA Futura: "Eileen - our mobile screen". Eileen is a mobile 80" screenthat can be used for presentations in the lunch room and other spaces on the 7th floor.

  • The screen has wheels, is adjustable (up and down) and has a touch screen.
  • When moving the screen, always use two people to prevent possible damage.
  • We prefer to see the screen stay on the 7th floor and not to be moved between the different floors.
  • Eileen will soon have a booking calendar in Outlook.
  • The screen is locked with a code lock and is located in the cloakroom behind the reception. The code is provided by the service team.


Wondering what addresses apply in ANA Futura? Check our home page to see the addresses for visitors, delivery of mail and packages: