GMO - Grants Management Office

From 2023 financial management is handed by the departments.
GMO's work includes support to officers at the departments, preparation and updates of templates and tools, review of time sheets and financial reports (Quality Assurance, QA) and audit coordinations. Projects coordinated by KI (not ERC) are still handled by GMO.

Grants Management Office

Karolinska Institutet, Grants Management Office

Nobels väg 15 A, 171 77 Solna

Research support for ongoing EU and US projects

Research Support at KI

Funding & Economy

Head of GMO

Rikard Lingström leads a team of qualified and experienced staff who work with financial management of ongoing EU and US projects (post-award support), as well as budget follow-up, amendment, project management and audits coordination.

Rikard Lingström

Head of Grants Management Office (GMO)

EU financial management

Anette Molin Götz

EU financial manager

Anna Hansson

EU financial manager

Anthony Forsström

EU financial manager

Applee Akter

EU financial manager

Maria Weiss

EU financial manager

Maud Kårebrand

EU financial manager

Xiaobing He

EU financial manager

Raquel Tavares

EU financial manager

Evelyn Göransson

EU financial coordinator