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Groups and meetings at LIME

On this page you will find information regarding various groups and meetings at LIME.

Departmental council

Each department at Karolinska Institutet is required to have a Departmental Council which is to serve as an advisory body and a forum for dialogue and for the Head of Department to anchor his/her decisions.

A Head of Department has to take decisions on a number of issues of concern to different groups in the department, and it is his/her job to consult these interested parties and seek their acceptance and approval of the decisions he/she takes. The Departmental Council is such a platform and one at which the representatives of different groups can meet.

It is essential that the Departmental Council has all-round representation that takes into careful consideration the balance between research and undergraduate education, equality, technical/administrative personnel and students.

LIME's departmental council consists of the following persons and functions:

  • Head of Department, Head of Administration, deputy Head of Department (and Secretary of the Head of Department)
  • Director of Undergraduate education and Director of Doctoral education
  • Personnel representatives



Doctoral students

Departmental Days 

We have two departmental days, once in April and once in November and also arrange common breakfasts a couple of times each semester.

Management group

Overview of the management group at LIME.

The management group is an advisory body and a forum for dialogue in terms of strategy, cooperation and business in general at the department. The group convenes on a monthly basis.