Guidelines for promotional products

These guidelines provide an overall picture of how KI works with promotional products and gifts featuring the KI name and/or logo. Whether an employee, student, or associate, you find here information about KI’s supplier of promotional products, our standard product range, and what to think about if you are planning on developing your product range.

products with the KI-logo.
Promotional products. Photo: N/A

Keywords for our promotional products

Quality – endurable high quality.
Function – developed with functionality in mind.
Identity – matches the image of KI as a modern university. 

Environment and sustainability

Karolinska Institutet works actively with environment and sustainable development which in turn, influences the choices we make including promotional products. KI strives to acquire products and materials which, from a lifecycle perspective, are produced using a minimum amount of resources and energy, do not contain environmentally harmful substances and are not in any way damaging to the environment. Chosen materials must all be recyclable.

Read about sustainable development at KI.

Aims and objectives

WE USE promotional products within the organisation to convey a sense of belonging or as gifts of appreciation and gratitude. We also use promotional products to raise the external profile of KI.

WE AIM to create high-quality promotional products for the purpose of raising the external profile of KI employees, students, and others and making a positive

Standard product range

KI has a standard range of promotional products available for immediate delivery. Our entire standard product range is available to buy online and some of the range can also be bought in our stores in Solna and Flemingsberg. Our standard product range is developed by the Communications and Public Relations Office at the Central Administration with the help of a reference group of representatives from KI’s core business and stores. 

To the webshop.

Product categories online

Many are the times when KI must – and should – be able to offer promotional products to a wider range of users. The following product categories include our standard product range. The reference group develops new products based on these categories. Examples of products in each category are shown within brackets.

  • Clothes & Accessories
    (T-shirt, bag, umbrella, scarf)
  • Gifts
    (Bowl, tray, glass, gift card)
  • Office
    (Pen, notebook, water bottle, 3in1 charger)
  • Conference & Expo
    (Beachflag, roll-up, give-aways)
  • Environmental choice
    (classified as good environmental choice)

Other promotional products

Are there times when you need to develop your own products, for example, before a trade fair or conference?

You can develop a new product or a product with your own design, but since all products contributes to the overall picture of Karolinska Institutet it is important to follow the graphic rules of KI. You can contact the supplier Master Design for support in developing promotional products. Please note that Master Design only stocks products in the standard range. When developing a product at your own initiative, you are responsible for purchasing and distributing the entire order.

Language: Swedish vs. English

We do not mix languages on our promotional products and only use one language at a time. A combination of Swedish and English is not allowed. In the case of a limited edition product, English
should be your first choice of language. 

Idea for new product

Do you have suggestions for a new promotional product – please contact the Communications and Public Relations Office, we often become aware of new product developments and can help reduce the risk of similar products being produced at the same time. We are happy to assist with product choice and consumer targeting. 

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