Help us develop KI's digital communication channels

We’re looking for researchers and technical administrative staff to form focus groups for developing KI’s digital communication channels.

The  Communications and Public Relations Office works continuously to improve the KI website and develop our digital presence. Several projects are now underway in which we need help from our core operations to optimise our requirement-setting and development work. Get in touch with the relevant person below if you want to help. The projects are:

•    Enhance KI´s digital presence
•    Improve the staff portal
•    Digital advertising for study participants
•    Develop the search function

Strengthen KI’s digital presence

We’re currently reviewing KI’s presence on digital communication platforms, everything from the channels on which we make ourselves accessible (e.g. social media, websites etc) to future platforms and channels we need to use. 

Form and duration of input: via email or Teams. No planned meetings.

Competence/profile required: people who can describe the researchers’ need for effective digital communication channels and who have knowledge of the communication channels researchers use to reach out to their target groups.

Contact: Jill Jönsson, head of unit digital communications

Improve the KI staff portal

We’re looking for people to take part in a focus group to develop the staff portal and make it an even more powerful tool for our staff. You will be asked for your opinions and help on the regular development of the staff portal, for instance by testing proposal A or B or giving your views about change plans or content.

Form and duration of input: via email or Teams, with a few meetings. Max total of 10 hours in 2021. Focus group members to be changed annually or when called for.

Competence/profile required: researchers and technical administrative personnel who are interested in improving the staff portal. 

Contact: Viktoria Olausson, coordinator of the staff portal

Digital advertising for research subjects

We want to interview you who need to find study participants for research projects to hear how we can best help you design digital ads.

Form and duration of input: interview by telephone or Teams. No scheduled meetings. Maximum two hours in total in 2021.

Competence/profile required: researchers who need to advertise for study participants.

Contact: Elena Krivovyaz, responsible digital advertising for research subjects

Develop the web search function

We’re looking for people to take part in a test panel for comparing KI’s current search engine with external alternatives. The search function is regularly mentioned in user surveys as something that could do with improving.

Form and duration of input: digitally via Teams where test leaders guide you to try the search functions against each other. 

Competence/profile required: people who are interested in improving the search function on, who have used it and / or choose to google or navigate to the result instead.

Contact: Rickard Carlsson, responsible for the search function