How to reset Microsoft Authenticator for two-step verification

Below is a guide on how to manage your two-step verification (multi-factor authentication) methods using a time-limited temporary access pass that you can only obtain from your local IDAC administrators. For example, it could be because your phone has broken and no other method is available, or you might have switched to a new phone and not exported/imported or synchronized your Microsoft Authenticator accounts.

Screenshot temporary access pass

Open the link and enter your KI email address and press “Next”.

Screenshot temporary access pass

Now press the link “Use your Temporary Access Pass instead”.

If you do not see this option try using another browser or use a "Incognito Window"
Use an Incognito Window

Screenshot Office365 two-step authentication temporary access pass

Enter your 8-character Temporary Access Pass you received from your local IDAC administrator, then press “Sign in”.

The code is time limited and only works one time, make sure to setup a valid two-factor authentication method to ensure access to your account.

Screenshot Office365 two-step authentication Add method is marked

Now you should be logged in at the Security info page for Office 365, where you can view and manage your two-factor authentication methods.

Press “Add method” and setup a new method. 

It is good to remember to delete any unused or invalid methods.



If you need help with the activation of a new authentication method follow the below guide:

Do you need a temporary access pass?

If you need a temporary access pass to be able to access your two-step authentication methods, contact your local IDAC administration and request a temporary access pass (8-character code) which you can then use to update your authentication methods. A good use case is to getting started with a newly installed phone if the old phone is broken or inaccessible, or similar problems with two-step verification where all the methods are inaccessible. The access pass is time-limited and can only be used once.