Important ANA 8 info - ongoing activities

We have a lot of ongoing activities in our facilities at the moment. Please read to stay updated.

Access to the labs/special labs

  • The relocation coordinators is now receiving general access to ANA 8 (labs, cell labs and common facilities).
  • Next week the work will continue with giving general access to the staff currently moving.
  • On Monday 19 Nov Rasmus Larsson and Petra Hartley will be dedicated to help out with access-issues.
  • Staff from the service team or the relocation coordinators will be of assistance during the whole move.
  • Information about access to special labs will be published shortly.


We will have two IT-technicians available helping us with IT-related issues during the move (i.e. computors, network, printers etc). The IT-staff will be available from Monday 19 November in the reception desk on the 7th floor.

Security guards

We will have security guards circulating in the building during the move. Keep your KI-card visible at all times!

Lab coats/scrubs

Lab coats/scrubs will be available in the changing rooms on the 5th floor from December 1. Used lab coat scrubs is placed in a laundry bin present at each recycling station or in the changing room.

Lockers in the changing rooms

The lockers in the changing room is locked with your KI-card. Currently the lockers are timed to open automatically after 12 hours. We are looking into the possiblity to have them unlocked automatically after 5 days (120 hrs). More information will come.

Printer papers

When the move is final and all people are in place in ANA 8, the service team will be responsible for purchasing printer papers for all departments in ANA 8. This will likely take place from January 1, 2019.

For now - the departments/divisions are responsible for purchasing printer papers. All groups sharing a printer need to have a close dialouge and get a long on how this could be solved. One suggestion is to divide the purchasing fairly between the groups until the service team takes over.

"Speed gates"

Important! When passing the speed gates on the 7th floor, only one person at a time is possible.

Service team

We are so happy to have our service team in place! You can find their contact details on the "Service team ANA 8" page. The team (Mikael Hammarstedt, Rasmus Larsson and Michael Davoren) will eventually have their offices in the reception desk. At the moment they are located at the administrative council at Labmed (8th floor).

The assignments for the service team will be published on the Lab of the future ANA 8 webpage later on, when the move is final.