Increase response rate of course evaluation

Here you can find tips and tools to increase response rate of course evaluation . The tips are based on what course leaders at KI have done in the courses that have received a high response rate.

The structure and purpose of the course evaluation questionnaire

  • The course evaluation questionnaire should not be too short or too long. Course evaluation questionnaires with 15-20 questions have the highest response rate.
  • Course evaluation questionnaires that contain both program-specific questions and course-specific questions have received the most answers.
  • Clarify the purpose of the survey and how the answers will be used (which is described in the Guidelines for quality evaluation at the undergraduate and advanced level).

Send reminders

Reminders on KI-Survey

Using KI-Survey allows you to schedule automated reminders. Course evaluations surveys are usually available for a duration of 2 weeks from course completion. After the first mailing, 2 additional reminders may be sent, 5-8 days apart. Take a look on how this can be easily set up on KI-Survey.

Discuss the course analysis from the previous course:

  • What strengths and weaknesses emerged and what changes have taken place.
  • Views that have not led to changes, and justification for why no changes have taken place.
  • Emphasize that a course evaluation is the individual student's most concrete way of influencing and improving education.
  • Clarify that the answers are anonymous and that the answers are not linked to the individual student at any stage.

Schedule time for course evaluation

Give students the opportunity to respond to the course evaluation questionnaire at a scheduled time. When KI-Survey is used, they can access a computer room. They can also answer on their own computers or mobile phones.