Information about researching as a postdoctoral researcher 

Postdoctoral researcher - a first career step after doctoral degree

As a first step after a PhD, there is the opportunity to do research as a post-doctor.

Funding for postdoctoral researcher


An employment as postdoc is a time-limited merit-based employment with a main focus on research as a first career step after the dissertation. A person can be employed as postdoc at KI for a maximum of four years, partly according to a collective agreement for  postdocs (PKA) of a maximum of three years and partly as an so-called special fixed-term employment of a maximum of 1 year (will be introduced October 1, 2022 when the new Employment Protection Act apply).

In order to be employed according to PKA, the doctoral degree should have been completed in the last three years before the end of the application period. If there are special reasons, the degree may have been completed earlier. Special reasons refer to leave due to illness, parental leave, commission of trust within trade unions, service in the total defense or other similar circumstances as well as clinical service or service / assignments relevant to the subject area. An employment according to PKA may also be extended based on the above special reasons. However, it must always be extended on the basis of parental leave. An employment as postdoc refers to full-time work.

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KI Scholarship

Scholarships for postdoctoral merit can be established for foreign researchers who place their merit in Sweden. It can thus be given to persons resident in other countries who come to Sweden with the intention of only staying in Sweden during all or part of their postdoctoral studies at KI. Persons who are resident in Sweden and / or have completed all or part of their academic education at KI or any other higher education institution in Sweden cannot be eligible for a scholarship from KI.

Scholarships for pursuing postdoctoral qualifications can be awarded for a maximum of two years, within a four-year period, after a dissertation or equivalent. To be eligible for a postdoctoral scholarship, the person must have completed a doctoral degree or a foreign degree that is deemed to correspond to a doctoral degree. Postdoctoral studies on a scholarship do not count as employment time as a postdoctoral fellow (maximum four years).

The purpose of scholarships for postdoctoral merit is to promote internationalization and contribute to research merit after a doctoral degree or equivalent.

The assessment is made by the Head of Department and shall be presented in the decision regarding the scholarship.

The contemplated scholarship fellow shall receive explicit information regarding what it entails to be a scholarship fellow at KI. To ensure this, the scholarship fellow, supervisor and HR-administrative officer at the intended Department or equivalent, shall discuss the terms and conditions in accordance to this document as well as other relevant information at KI’s intranet. After this briefing, an assurance is to be signed by all participants.

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Diploma for completed postdoctoral-period

For a completed postdoctoral-period at KI and acquirement of diploma, at least 50% of your study time should have been constituted of research conducted independently of your PhD supervisor and lasting between one (minimum) and three years (maximum). Application for diploma for postdoctoral studies at KI is available at Career service for Postdocs.